Revolutionizing Home Energy with BLUETTI ESS

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Limited solar power storage, rising electricity costs.


BLUETTI ESS with 10kWh capacity.


  • Efficient energy storage, reducing reliance on grid power.

  • Seamless integration with existing photovoltaic system.

  • Cost-effective solution for uninterrupted power supply.

“I’ve been delighted with BLUETTI. Their products, like the BLUETTI ESS, not only meet but exceed my expectations. The seamless integration with my solar setup and the cost savings are remarkable.”

Overcome the Limitations of Balcony Power Generators

I’m Oliver Lenz, 54 years old, dedicating 37 years to Siemens Mobility. In my 1998-built, 120-square-meter abode with 5 rooms. We wanted to move away from nuclear power and coal for the sake of future generations, so we started our energy transition from a solar roof with quite a few.
Despite a 3.8 kW-peak photovoltaic system boasting 20 modules, we hit roadblocks, particularly during scorching summers. Our experiments with balcony power generators highlighted the crucial need for a more efficient energy utilization and storage solution. I need an energy storage system that can store the electricity for later use, even at night.

The Best Energy Battery for My Needs

In my pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, of course I did a lot of research, seeking reliability that previous providers lacked. Enter BLUETTI Energy Storage System (ESS), which met my requirements for mobile electricity, and with it, I now have electricity on call around the clock.
The decision wasn’t just about choosing a product; it was about integrating a solution seamlessly into my life. The ESS emerged as the optimal choice exceeding my expectations. Its integration into my existing setup and the imperative to efficiently store energy in the face of rising electricity prices solidified its position at my home.

A Symphony of Energy Harmony with BLUETTI ESS

The impact of the BLUETTI ESS on my daily life has been nothing short of transformative. Boasting an impressive 10 kWh capacity, perfectly calibrated to my 5kWh daily consumption, it ensures a continuous, reliable energy supply. Whether it’s navigating unexpected outages or seamlessly powering through the quiet hours of the night, the BLUETTI ESS is the quiet hero of my household.
Beyond just independence from grid price fluctuations, it’s become a beacon of contribution to renewable energy. The sleek, modern design seamlessly integrates into my home, embodying the trust I place in BLUETTI’s cutting-edge technology.