[Review] Bluetti AC30: Great Introductory Portable Power Station for the New User!

Bluetti/Maxoak have been in the Portable Power Station aka “Solar Generator” business for a while now. As an owner of the more expensive Bluetti AC200 and the AC50s, I knew the AC30 was geared towards folks who might be new to these or wanted a no-frills, easy-to-use, portable power station for on the go, or emergencies, or power outages. What you trade off in features, you get a very affordable portable power station at a great price point.

Pros: You get 300Wh power station, 300W Pure Sine Wave inverter with one 2-prong plug and one 3-prong plug AC plugs, two USB-A ports and one USB-C QC port, along with a cigarette-lighter plug rated up to 12V/10A (120W). You also get a 15W Qi-compatible wireless charging on top along with an LED Light. You’re also able to charge via solar with 15V-25V at up to 150W. Also, passthrough charging is supported and it’s extremely light at under 11 lbs.

Cons: You’re not able to recharge the unit using a vehicle’s 12V cigarette-lighter as the charging input requires 15V-25V. The USB-C port is non-PD (Power Delivery). The 12V output is non-regulated, which isn’t too big of an issue. And using the included AC adapter charger takes about 7-8 hours to recharge the AC30 from empty, or basically, overnight.

Those are the trade-offs, but otherwise, great for any devices at or under 300W and useful for charging phones, tables, notebooks, CPAPs, running portable fridge/freezers, etc.

The battery pack is made from LiFePO4 which is one of the best and safest types batteries with a cycle life of over 3,500+ recharges. This unit is great for anyone looking to getting into portable power stations!


Great review. For the person interested in an entry level unit with high battery cycle count life and the ability to recharge rapidly with solar (150 watt) you can’t beat the AC30. This is perfect for the outdoor person who wants to run a fridge and be able to solar recharge each day and not break the bank doing it.