Reversed PV polarity

Just curious what would happen if the PV polarity was reversed and connected to a AC 50 S

Not positive, but I think it would error and when disconnected and reconnected would work fine. The manual does not specifically state an error code for incorrect polarity but it would be very unusual to not have polarity protection for the incoming circuit which is used for AC charging as well as car and PV charging. You may have to turn off the unit and then restart but unknown.

We need a brave user to try this and report back :wink:

No idea if this applies, but…

From two posts I have seen, reversing the polarity when connecting has had no ill effects. However, I would not want to try it. I have seen two pics from two different users who both had the wiring polarity of their aviation input cable soldered opposite of what it should have been. Pin number one on the aviation connector should be positive with a red wire. Pin number two was soldered with a red “positive” wire in both cases of incorrect polarity cables.

Both cables were included with the AC200. One was an AC200 and the other an AC200P with the most recent within the last 30 days. The first occurence on the AC200 was a contribution number in the 8,000 range indicating it was produced close to the AC200P introduction and could be related to the same batch of cables. The symptom noted by the users was that not charging would occur in any method of charging when charging through the aviation input cable. All other cables before the aviation cable had correct polarity.

Both users connected the cables and attempted charging multiple times with incorrect polarity and after correcting the polarity issue, both AC200P’s ran fine without issue.