Revamp Your Road Trip Experience with BLUETTI SwapSolar Ecosystem

Ready for an ultimate road trip with your family and furry friend? :red_car::paw_prints:
Never leave your new travel buddy behind: the SwapSolar Ecosystem - AC180T + Multicooler.

It’s a game-changer to take your outdoor experience to the next level. The hot-swappable battery design allows unrivaled convenience to keep your devices powered and your food fresh for days on end! :stew:

:snowflake: MultiCooler is the world’s first LFP-powered fridge with refrigeration, freezing, and ice-making all in one! Enjoy a restful sleep with a whisper-quiet noise level as low as 30dB!
You can charge this combo with an AC outlet, a car charger on the go, or solar panels wherever the sun shines! :sunny::electric_plug:

:alarm_clock:Mark your calendars for Feb 21, 6 am PST as we officially launch on INDIEGOGO! Let’s redefine your outdoor adventure together! :rocket:


Thats a great commercial. Really enjoy to watch it

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No, bad, makes me want a pickup truck now to justify the fridge :upside_down_face:
just kidding, nicely made!

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No idea where to put this in your contest area…

But… this technology is a total game changer for the RV, boating, off grid cabin crew.
The problem being the current configuration.
You want the battery down low and access to a stationary mounted vertical unit.
I have a camper that I would love to lose the 3 way fridge.
The only place to put this would be under the dinette and I would lose the table.
Then have to muscle it in and out to change the battery.
Or open it with the bed made up.
Yeah… I could put it in the back of my truck cab.
But the same logistics would apply.
Pulling it out to change batteries and campgrounds are getting increasingly problematic about security.
Load it up with food and batteries and I am not gonna be able to grunt it anywhere by myself.
Not something you would ever leave out overnight.
Excellent for what it is.
But I am eagerly awaiting the next gen edition.
Let me know if you require measurements. lol

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Man that jeep is sooo sick! And I wonder if @BLUETTI has plans to release a “slide-out” mount for the fridge??

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@m.briney BLUETTI will launch an optional accessory, the MultiCooler slide rails. :raised_hands:


Why not a 4x4 that’s powered by SwapSolar batteries… regenerative braking… only 35 batteries per 100km :slight_smile:
Ok, I don’t.

Maybe a 4x4 Toy car, like i write in my article^^

Something like this

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Small kids, small toys. I’m a big kid. Needs a big toy.