Resume previous inverter state on power drain/solar restart - suggestion for future upgrade

here’s my desire for a future firmware upgrade:
resume the previous state of AC inverter (on) after a complete battery drain and recharge. i’m using the ac300 off grid. it powers my internet with the AC inverter. it has solar panels hooked up 24/7. when the battery drains, and it shuts down, as soon as the sun comes out it turns on and gets recharged; but AC is not on, and thus the internet isn’t powered, so i can’t access the control panel to turn on AC. have to make a trip to the remote location to turn on AC.
it would be nice if it would resume where it left off, perhaps if the battery were >10% or something similar.
thanks for listening!


Agreed. All the Bluetti models should have this and probably enabled by default.


@BLUETTI Agreed. The unit unfortunately needs a lot of hands on manual turning on and off.
For another example:
I have 4 modules @380 watts. On cloudy winter days I only see between 60 and 120 watts input for morning and late afternoon and sometimes the whole day. This is enough to turn on both B300’s and AC300, but not enough to charge. In fact it will discharge 2 or 3 % before the sun goes down and it shuts itself off. Same cycle next day and so on. This means you have to either pull the DC input plug and plug it in between 11 and 14:00 or accept continually lower SOC. Not good for remote operation. Not good for normal operation either. Solution is to increase trip current needed to turn on units. When current decreases enough that the overhead is higher, shut it off completely. Rinse and repeat all day. Voltage is always there, even on low sunlight conditions.
What I do now is run downstairs and plug it in whenever I see the sun shining and try not to forget to pull the plug when the sun goes away. I also can add house grid AC input at 1 amp or about 200 watts to take care of overhead and take advantage of whatever DC current there is, but my goal is to use solar to charge, not pay for electricity.

@chemosabe99 , Thank you. We received your suggestion and will submit it to the relevant department.

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Agree!! We have the exact situation - the amount of times I’ve had to drive 1.5 hrs to press a button is rather silly.
We ended up buying a simple UPS just for our router - I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, as I’m really hoping Bluetti adds this feature someday, so the UPS only lasts ~4 hours, but gives us a decent chance of being able to keep it powered long enough for the sun to come back out. I’ve considered finding another branded solar gen & solar panels where it DOES automatically turn on the inverter when there’s an incoming charge, but that’s more expensive, so haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet.

btw, someone made a more technical suggestion here, but i haven’t tried it yet: