Resetting AC200P

Does anyone know how to reset an AC200P? Getting Fault Code 41, unit shuts down after 1 minute without fail. Not getting any support from MaxOak so thought I’d try here.


There are about six screens that display the fault codes and their meaning. This screen is accessable from the main screen. Press the “DATA” screen choice at the left and then press the “FAULT HISTORY” screen choice. Scroll through the screens of faults until you see fault code 41. I am not sure what this specific code relates to at the moment. If your battery is discharged, that may be the reason for the shutdown. If so, charge it up for about 15 minutes or so to enable looking at the fault screen before shutdown occurrs. Please report back what code 41 refers to.

Thanks for your response. Fault Code 41 refers to BMS Temperature Error. Interestingly, the unit is sitting in an air-conditioned office and I’ve plugged it into the brick charger, where it is at 84% and doesn’t seem to change from that number - especially before shutting down on its own or being charged for an hour. It just seems stuck. I’m wanting to know if there is some ‘trick’ to reset the unit (ctrl-alt-delete) - this is what the bluetti sales team email indicated in my last exchange.

No specific reset procedure that I am aware of. Try holding down the off button for a full five seconds after the unit starts and then restart. If that does not do the trick, It sounds like a cust. service issue for sure. If you press the large State of charge % number in the middle of the screen (after initialization) it should take you to the BMS screen. There should be a temperature shown on that screen and it would be interesting to see what temp is indicated.

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