Reset or Reboot EB70

I have been working with my new EB70, and recently acquired an induction cooktop, so will be giving a report soon.
However, in reading some of the other recent entries on other units, the issue has been mentioned that one can “reset or reboot” one of the larger units by holding a certain button down for an extended number of seconds.
I have looked in the EB70 manual and do not see any reference to how to reset or reboot its brains should things go sideways.
Any ideas or references?

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Have you had any reaction from Bluetti?

There’s no formal “reset” button per-say on these units, but if you turn off the AC or DC sides (press and hold until the led’s shut off) and then turn them back on, it should clear the error codes. If this still doesn’t work, you can try draining the unit until 0% and the recharge using ac adapter completely to 100% to sort of recalibrate the unit.

If none of that works, I’d email bluetti.

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