Replacement “Multifunctional DC Charging Cable/PV Charging Cable”

How can I get a replacement “PV Charging Cable” or “Multifunctional DC Charging Cable”? The cables appear to be the same however the former comes with the EP500/Pro and the latter comes with the AC300. The cable allows two PV350s to charge the power station simultaneously.
FWIW, I have an EP500Pro and an AC200Max.

The “Multifunctional DC Charging Cable/PV Charging Cable” appears to allow charging the generators in series rather than parallel. AFAIK, this is the optimal way to quickly charge a generator via two PV350s.
Is there a Bluetti cable available to charge the AC200Max via two PV350s in series?

This diagram from shows how to wire PVs in series and in parallel.
Can the series diagram be used with the AC200Max and 2 PV350 PVs?
IOW, will connecting the + and - cables in series damage the AC200Max or the PV350s?

As far as I can see, the PV350 has an open voltage of 46.5v.

If you connect them in series you get 46.5 + 46.5 = 93v which is well within the limits of the AC200MAX (145V).

So you should be fine.


Thank you for your input friend! :pray: