Replacement “Multifunctional DC Charging Cable/PV Charging Cable”

How can I get a replacement “PV Charging Cable” or “Multifunctional DC Charging Cable”? The cables appear to be the same however the former comes with the EP500/Pro and the latter comes with the AC300. The cable allows two PV350s to charge the power station simultaneously.
FWIW, I have an EP500Pro and an AC200Max.

The “Multifunctional DC Charging Cable/PV Charging Cable” appears to allow charging the generators in series rather than parallel. AFAIK, this is the optimal way to quickly charge a generator via two PV350s.
Is there a Bluetti cable available to charge the AC200Max via two PV350s in series?

This diagram from MC4 Solar Connector: Structure, Operating Principle and Use of MC4 solar connectors in Solar Panel Systems – Power From Sunlight shows how to wire PVs in series and in parallel.
Can the series diagram be used with the AC200Max and 2 PV350 PVs?
IOW, will connecting the + and - cables in series damage the AC200Max or the PV350s?

As far as I can see, the PV350 has an open voltage of 46.5v.

If you connect them in series you get 46.5 + 46.5 = 93v which is well within the limits of the AC200MAX (145V).

So you should be fine.


Thank you for your input friend! :pray: