Renology 200w solar panels compatibility with bluetti ac200max


As a newbie to Solar I would be grateful for some advise as I have scoured online and have confused myself further.

Having come from a very small solar set up I decided to upscale and purchased 4x200w renology panels and wires them in series. I have just had delivered a bluetti ac200max but haven’t set it up yet.

Having emailed Renology about something different they have told me the panels are not suitable for use with the 200max as
“ Our 200W solar panel has an open-circuit voltage of 23V and a short-circuit current of 11.05A. This means that the solar panel is not compatible with the power station since its voltage output is 23V which is too much for the power station”

Here is the panel specs

Could someone please clarify this for me as I have seen other people use these panels online.

Any help would be most grateful as I’m holding off plugging anything in till I get can some reassurance.


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I’ve used four 200 watt Renogy’s with my AC200P and they work as advertised. No idea what the heck they are trying to say as you can go up to 150 volts so you are well under that in series.

The limitation is the max voltage allowed by the Ac200max. For the panels make sure the sum of the VOC’s does not exceed the max voltage as it is a hard limit not a suggestion. My AC200MAX has 4 200w Renogy eclipse portable panels in series and in cooler sunny conditions maxes out the 900w input well below the max voltage limit.

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Connected in series you will have 4x23v = 92v. Well within the limit of the AC200Max.

Should be no problem at all.

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Many thanks for all your replies puts my mind at rest. Will plug them in and hopefully get some juice in it today.

Is it recommended to have an inline fuse and if so what size for this set up?

Thanks again for the advise.

@montgomery , Please don’t worry, the AC200MAX Solar Input open circuit voltage range is 10-145V.
As long as your panel does not exceed 145V after series connection, it can power the machine normally. Please refer to the above @dr_torch mentioned.

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