Renogy 200W panel - EB70

Hi, I have just purchased the EB70 and would like to connect a solar panel to charge the unit.

I am looking at the Renogy 200 W panel, and wondered if anyone could confirm if this works ok.

Reading the panel spec, the OVC @23v, appears to be in the region of the EB70.

Many thanks in advance of feedback.

Hi @VWcamper , If your Renogy 200W panel has an open circuit voltage of 23V, that means you can charge the EB70 with PV. Thanks!

Yep, i have an EB70, and a Renogy 200w panel, and it works absolutely fine.

Many thanks for your replies.

Just getting use to the EB70, and finding ways to charge the battery. The solar option appears to be the best way, plus the camper battery setup will also keep the EB70 topped up.

Will let you know how this are progressing.