Renogy 100watt panels - in parallel hook up to eb3a

Hey all - so I’ve decided to purchase a pair of renogy 100 watt panels and hook in parallel to charge the Eb3a but have a question on using mc4 inline fuses? Are they necessary? And if so, do I want the 12vt fuses? Any help appreciated!!

@bluetti_wdd4255comcastnet As long as the panel’s VOC is within the EB3A range it can be used, and the panel’s cable needs to be an MC4 interface. There is no need to add additional fuses.

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A pair of those 100 watt panels is a bargain for $149 on Amazon. I bought 15 panels and they work great.
As for the 200 watt limit of the eb3a, regardless of the solar panel manufacturer, you’ll never get the rated output wattage. The Voc is what is important, so you’re within the 28 voc limit for these panels.

The fuses are rated in Amps, not volts, and they are to protect your wiring. Those 2 panels in parallel will give you just over 10 Amps. So unless you’re going to use very very thin wiring they really are not necessary, but if you really want to get one, you’d want the Amp rating of the maximum amps your wiring supports which you can find online with a quick google search.

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