Remote Monitoring

I tried searching the community and didn’t see this discussed. With a independent battery bank, in the past, I just monitored the voltage with a display to get a quick idea of my batteries wired in parallel current condition. Has anyone used anything with a Bluetti to remote monitor? Our Bluetti is in the RV garage and while it is still visible it would take a bit of time to check .

@SierraVanCampers the newer models such as the AC200Max have the app control but I don’t believe you’d be able to hook up like a Bluetooth module or other display that’d show your bluetti specifically.

Since the DC out is regulated. Say you tied your RV 25a/12v DC line thru a shunt like the victron bmv-712 you’d be able to see how many watts were being pull from the bluetti, but it wouldn’t be able to read your exact percentage or anything.

Thank you Mike. I understand. Good advice too!

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