Reenable off-grid app usage

In earlier version of the app the powerstation (like EB3A) could be accessed and managed via Bluetooth. Now there’s an account requirement, so a one-time Internet connection is required to bind it. But: It can’t be accessed offline via Bluetooth even after binding it.

In the latest app version my bound powerstation shows up in the app. Unbinding it and rebinding it via Bluetooth or QR scan works fine. While I’m off-grid (or the phone is set to airplane mode with Bluetooth enabled) the power station will no longer show up. The list shows “no data” even though it’s bound and will show up when online.

Attempting to bind it via Bluetooth (where it shows up) just results in a network error or a message to ensure Bluetooth is enabled. Scanning the QR code results in a network error.

Powerstations are (also) for off-grid usage. Please reenable app usage via Bluetooth, at least for the already bound powerstations. Without it I can’t toggle power-lifting mode anymore while off-grid.

@Chromix I thought that when putting your phone in airplane mode, it shuts off any ability to connect via bluetooth as well as any data connectivity that it would need to communicate with the bluetti? I have no issues with connecting to my units solely via bluetooth so Im thinking its something to do with your phone in this case? You could try just turning off the wifi (not in airplane mode) on your phone and seeing if this helps.

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@Chromix I just was reading up on this… check out this link.

@Chromix Can you log out of the APP account first?
Connect with Bluetooth on the home page.

Yes, that worked. I can log out while in airplane mode (or off-grid) with Bluetooth enabled. Then I can choose “Bluetooth” in the app instead of signing in and control the powerstation. Thanks. This workaround wasn’t obvious when using the app.

It would be nice though if I didn’t have to sign out and in, depending on whether my phone has Internet connectivity or not. Could the powerstation be kept on the regular list of paired devices and accessible via Bluetooth, without having to sign out first when there’s no Internet connectivity?


@Chromix What unit are you referencing exactly? For my EB3a unit, you can just push the Bluetooth icon that’s to the right of the listed device and that allows you to pair directly via Bluetooth.

The powerstation is in the list and accessible while there’s still Internet connectivity.

When data/wifi is no longer available the powerstation disappears from the list, even though Bluetooth connectivity is still there. I can’t tap the Bluetooth icon when there is no more entry. It just says “no data” then. (there is a restriction that only one screenshot can be posted per message)
You can try it yourself, just disable WiFi and mobile data, but leave Bluetooth enabled while looking at the list, or while the app is closed.

The workaround as suggested above is to log out and then bind/connect via Bluetooth - something that fails while logged in while there is no Internet connectivity. It’d be very nice if the powerstation just stayed in the list, so it can be tapped and connected to via Bluetooth, even when there is no Internet connection.

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Sorry this is not available. You need internet to log in to have data, and you can connect to the app only after you have data.

@Chromix ahh I think I understand. So like a way to be able to “P2P” connect to the unit. As @BLUETTI mentioned, you need the internet/login to be able to see the data and all the history. All the functions/capabilities of the remote monitoring might make this challenging, but I agree with you and will pass this along to the support team for a possible future update… Maybe make this “P2P” connection available (with limited app usage obviously) but still be able to control the unit from this remote state without having to logout every time? Good feedback. Thanks!

If you are loggged in, you need internet access to see the device. Bluetooth local will not work when logged in.

If you have no internet access, you just first log out before trying to connect locally via Bluetooth.

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Maybe make this “P2P” connection available (with limited app usage obviously) but still be able to control the unit from this remote state without having to logout every time?

Exactly. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: