Redeeming My Points

I have a problem. I was purchasing an AC300 and was initially going to use ID.ME. While in checkout it showed I had 12K+ in Bluetti points available. I decided to redeem the points on the purchase. I hit redeem as it turned out the amount was the same as ID.ME. I went back to using the ID.Me. Guess what? Bluetti did NOT restore my points…WHY?

Hi @Sha , is the order placed from the US site ? I can ask the person in charge for you


All the items I was gonna buy are still in my cart. I haven’t completed the purchase because I wanted to get the points issue resolved first. And yes, I only buy from the Bluetti website. The impending purchase includes an AC300, car charger & a 30 amp charger.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Sha , Below is reply from sales colleague.
Because you redeemed the discount code with points and then also used ID ME.
The two discount codes cannot be used at the same time
The next time you use the discount code to buy something to offset, it will be fine.


I get that. I wasn’t trying to use them both at the same time. I was trying to see which offered the better discount. In the end I chose to use the ID.ME. What I’d like to see happen is my 12k+ points restored.