Recommended weather proof panels

I just ordered my AC200max with (2) PV350 panels only to discover that they can’t be exposed to rain or moisture of any kind. I can’t get a hold of anyone about my order to cancel the panels. What panels can anyone recommend that will handle outdoor roof mounting regardless of weather?

Just get rigid panels designed for normal residential roof top installation

They’re much cheaper than flexible/portable panels as well

Thanks for your reply. Yes, but which ones? Like anything else they aren’t all created equal. Efficiency is a factor that I’m looking for too.

Mono crystalline are preferred over poly crystalline. Renogy is a popular brand that comes to mind but there are many others.

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The AC200Max can only use 900W, with a max Voc 145.

So you want ~3x 250-350W panels, with Voc added up to < 145V

Given that this will be a small solar system, I don’t think you need to worry too much about the brand - there are many decent ones out there (in my market, some examples of new panels are here Equally, it’s probably not worth paying a price premium for the most advanced/efficient panels for a string of 3

Second hand will be fine too (many older systems are stripped and discarded or sold on second hand market cheaply when the systems are upgraded), and these are often much better value. If the panels are in good condition (most are if not hail damaged etc), then you will get another 10+ years out of them

Agree i grabbed a second hand LG 235watt panel years ago ……
Id say in Excellent condition and managed 251 Watts but very briefly !

1x Lg solar Panel is working for my req’s but will get another New LG 365watt later on .

Is there a recommended site or source to find used panels. I’m really new at all of this solar stuff.

Any site that Buy & Sells stuff etc
I picked mine up on ebay
As it was local to me and was pick up only as you can guess as was quite big .

So i examined and tested / output only paid £65.00 a bargain dont forget it was a few years ago now i got it .
But Panel was in Superb condition hence purchase .

New panels now though are very cheap but delivery can be dear though at some sellers .

I’m using these Renogy 200w panels with my AC200P and they work well producing about 10% more power than my Bluetti SP200 portables. I’m getting about 160 watts when they are hot and more when cooler.

Amazon sells and ships them so for me I don’t mind paying a bit more to get them quickly and not worrying about return hassles if broken. Have seen them as low as $200 during a lighting deal but typically they are around $250.


Nice caddy setup to have too.

I like the 200 watt size panels as they are easy to handle and store when not in use which up here in the Pacific NW is a lot of the year due to cloud cover.

Hi @eric102 can you share some photos of how you’ve mounted those ?

Did you build that yourself ?

Eric102 do you by chance have a video or instructions on how to build the solar panel rack you show in your pic.? would love to know how thanks

Here’s one more photo showing the structure a little better but that’s all I have at the moment. I’ll take some more without the panels for better detail.

Basically I cobbled together a simple picture frame box out of scrap 2x4’s to hold the center panels then later after I got two more panels I added the wings on the side to hold them. Everything is held together with 3" or smaller construction screws so I can partially disassemble it for winter storage. The lawn mower wheels and axles came from Amazon (about $20) and are attached to steel “L” brackets that I had left over from another project.


Ok great would like to see close up of wheels axle’s w/L brackets as well as frame. Thanks fo doing this. No hurry

As requested, let me know if you need anything else. Dimensions would be dependent on the size and number of panels.

I made mine so that the panels can be quickly set in/taken out without any attaching hardware.


Thank You for pictures

I purchased 12 used 250 watt panels from Santan Solar for my AC300. Theirs come with a 1 year warranty, and they test them before they sell them.

Not Bad 102, Not bad at all,

Just look at the specs sheet for efficiency. There are dozens of brands on Amazon.