Recommended Panels for AC500+B300s

I have an AC500+B300s on it’s way, and I’d like to maximize the amount of PV power with the least amount of panels. My goals is to determine the max optimum solar panel config… and then purchase that config in small increments of 2 panels at a time (as budget allows)

Does anyone have any recommended rigid roof roof mount panels they would recommend to maximize the amount of power while not exceeding the 150V, 3000W limitations? in addition, has anyone created any recommended wiring diagrams to ensure the panels don’t exceed the inverter specs? (ie: Canadian Solar panel such and such… is a good panel… and if you bought two of them, wire it this way… and if you bought 4.,… wire it this way…)

Not minimising panels but I’m using Renogy 200W fixed panels. I have two so far and a third on the way. The plan is to keep building up the array over the next 6-12 months as $$$ permit.

The Voc of these is 23V so I can have 6 in series on each DC1 and DC2 input for 2.4kW total and be well under the 150V limit down to -5C or thereabouts. It’s less than the 3k possible on the AC500 but I have really struggled to find anything else that is easy to get my hands on here in Australia. It seems this 150V limit on the AC500 is a big restriction on an otherwise excellent bit of kit.

As for the panels they seem really good so far. They are well built and on cool bright days they really out perform the specs, but they suffer in the heat. This is my first solar build so I don’t have a lot of experience to compare it with but am happy so far and will keep buying them and growing the array.

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thanks for the info.

I’m starting to see that its better to have more smaller wattage panels (and thus lower Voc) to obtain anywhere close to the 3000 W limit.

in your case, could you wire your panels in a series parallel combo or would that exceed the amps limit?

my install will have a long distance (so looking to keep amps low) but will also could have on panel shaded so worried about loosing efficiency…