Recommendation for MC4 extension cords NOT at Amazon :)

Hi, I’ve tried twice to get MC4 ext. cords for my AC200P and both were defective - bought on Amazon (Windy Nation brand). Can anyone recommend good MC4 ext. cords from a reputable company? I’d like to get 10 gauge 15-20 ft. Thanks!

I hear you about Windy Nation, I got one out of two 12ga cords with a broken connector on the end, I just replaced the connector myself since the cable seemed decent. I have since purchased 10ga cords from BougeRV and iGreely via Amazon and they are excellent. You can buy from BougeRV directly, not sure about iGreely. Both of those cords require you installing the supplied connecters at one end which means you will need a crimping tool.

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Thank you. I’m not that handy, I wonder if I can install the connectors. Is it easy to do?

Here’s a link to the BougeRV crimping tool which has a good “how to” video. It’s pretty easy once you’ve done it once or twice. The tool kit comes with extra connecters so even if you screw it up you get more tries :slightly_smiling_face:. BougeRV Solar Crimper Tool Kit for Solar Panel Cable Wire with 1PCS Solar Crimper and 6Pairs Solar connectors and 1Pair Solar Connector Spanner Wrench, Solar Installation Assembly Tools : Patio, Lawn & Garden

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I’ll check it out…thanks! I think I’ll watch the video before ordering. ha

this says in stock soon
40fters are in stock now-cheaper…hope this helps

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Thanks…the pictures show both ends already have connectors on them…but the video seems to indicate that you have to install one on the other end. Are the pics right or the video? :slight_smile:

The 10ft 10ga iGreely I purchased required installing the connectors on one end.

1 Like iGreely 1 Pair 6 Feet Black + 6 Feet Red 10AWG(6mm²) Solar Panel Extension Cable Wire with Female and Male Connectors : Patio, Lawn & Garden **I found this one with connectors on both ends. It’s only 6 ft, but good enough. Thanks for the recommendation of iGreely!

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Nice! If you needed longer you can go with two of them. Still cheaper than getting a crimping kit.

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Yes, I was thinking that as well. Do you use the Bluetti solar panels or another brand? I was wondering if getting approx. 260 W of charging power is the norm for bluetti panels. It’s noon here and all of my panels are in direct sun and I’m getting that W’age.

I have three Bluetti 200 watt portables and two Renogy 200 watt fixed panels, they all do about the same, 75% of the rated wattage at the end of a 70ft 10ga extension cable. So about 150-160 watts per panel. I gain about 10 watts if I connect the panels directly to the sogen. Haven’t tried them in the cooler weather yet where they might do better. I remember seeing someone on Youtube getting over 200 watts out of a 200 watt Bluetti panel during crystal clear below freezing conditions.

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You have a nice setup! So if I’m getting 266 W using all three panels I’m only getting about 87 watts per panel I assume. Maybe residual smoke in the air is preventing more UV…we live close to a couple of the wild fires in Ca.

Here is a cable that I have bought through Amazon six times and have not had any issues. If you are connecting cables in series and running 20 to 40 feet, these work fine. No need to get thick 10 ga. cables. ACOPOWER 20 Feet 14AWG Solar Extension Cable with MC-4 Female and Male connectors for 50W 70W 80W 105W 120W Portable Solar Panel (HY-EXT-20FT) : Patio, Lawn & Garden


That’s a nice one…only one cable.

What wattage panels are they, the 120’s or the 200’s? If the 120’s then they are about where they should be at about 90 watts per panel. Smoke will definitely affect them, I was only getting around a 100 watts per panel on a day with a layer of smoke high in the atmosphere.

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They’re the 120’s, so that’s good news. Thank you for the info…I’m a newbie with this.

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I’ve ordered cables from Windy Nation about 4 times now and I haven’t had any issues with them whatsoever I ordered them off of Ebay though. Not sure if they come out the same place or not but you might try ordering them off of Ebay maybe you’ll have better luck with them.

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I ordered from them twice and both had broken connectors. So I tried iGreeley and they look pretty good.