Received EB55 :) But no PV120 panel


I ordered an EB55 + PV120 panel on 1/3/2022 directly from Bluetti com. Thanks for the holiday sale! I just received the EB55 2 days ago but no PV120 panel. Looking at the Fedex shipping details it only shows 1 package in the shipment. Order details on shows order complete. I’ve sent a message to a couple of days ago but have not heard back yet. Seems like the PV120 was not shipped. Is the PV120 backordered? Thanks in advanced for looking into this matter.

Order # BLUETTI-US15496

Btw. The EB55 works great! But I really need a PV120 to charge it.

Hi @netzero,

Thank you for contacting us.

It only shows one tracking number if your order is a bundle. Our unit and solar panel are shipped separately, so you can see that the order which is your EB55 has been completed. Your PV120 is on the way. My colleague will send you another tracking number via email.

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Thanks! The EB55 is great btw. It even would power a small space heater for a short time ~ 15minutes at 500watts!

Looking forward to the tracking number to recharge :slight_smile:


Turns out I just received the PV120 late today. Thanks again for responding! Now to chase the sun :slight_smile:


The PV model is a great panel with the partial shade performance. Great combo you got there!