Received B230 BUT NO AC200MAX!

Dear seller,
I am writing to you about my order SPF EU 3166.
I ordered the AC200MAX+B230 Power Station Combo
Here is the tracking number for this package : 02655040732261
But the deliverer gave me only one package today : the B230. Calling Chronopost they say they have only one package registered for this tracking number.
No AC200MAX ! ?
Can you tell me what’s happening ?
Best regards

@jean-philippe shoot @BLUETTI an email with all the info you included here and they’ll take care of you for sure. Here’s the email address and contact info…

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Hi @jean-philippe,

Thanks for purchasing from BLUETTI.
I have checked it for you. AC200MAX is out of stock now due to the Spring Sale and pls rest assure that we will ship it to you at the end of March. Do you mind waiting a few more days?

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Hi there.
Thanks for the notice.
I will wait then :wink:

Best regards,


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