Rapid drop in performance

Hello all

I have the following question or problem: Bluetti AC200 Max displays 100%. I connect my circulation pump with just under 500W. Summa Summarum the thing should run plus-minus four hours (a little less is also clear and ok). But after one hour and 10 minutes it’s done. The Bluetti AC200 Max is at 0%. The unit is new. That can’t be right, can it?

Should I return the device or could an update help?

Thank you for your valuable opinions. Greetings, Dominik

@woodtli Please provide me with the SN and firmware version, then you can update the firmware to check.



ARM: v4008.03
DSP: v4005.07
BMS: v1017.02

@woodtli Thanks for the information. Please update the firmware to check.

Hello, I again after the software update. The problem still exists. Battery shows 100%. I connect a device with 500W and after 70 minutes the battery is at 0%. Should I return the unit or what do you advise?

@woodtli Is the BMS version 1017.03? If you updated the firmware and no improvement, please try to do serval charge and discharge cycles (empty the battery then charge it without interruption) to correct the SOC. If the problem still can’t be solved, please contact the support for repair.