Random wireless charging turns off

I have seen this problem on both eb3s and ac200max where initial charging starts but shuts off before fully charging the device.
any thoughts?

@bluetti_res408cagmailcom Please check if the phone is overheated? Some phone models will stop the charging process if they are overheated, and will resume charging when the temperature drops

I do recall his happening w/ some of my Bluetti stations. I thought there was a discussion about this and possible workaround (especially on older stations like ac200p), i seem to recall it had something to do w/ ECO mode and the low wattage draw of phones & tablets. If ECO mode is not turned on then I’m not sure what else. I had the same issue & as result unless there are other DC draws to bump up the total watts output I just stopped using the wireless pads on top. Not ideal since it is a feature that goes unused so less useful.