Questions RE: AC200P versus EB240

I just received my AC200P and my three 200 watt folding solar panels. I now plan to buy a second solar battery as I want to be able to be charging one while using the other for power. I’m torn between buying another AC200P or hedging my bets and buying an EB240 as my second unit. About the only thing I know about the EB240 is that its theoretical storage capacity is 2400 watt hours versus 2000 for the AC200P. I’d like to have a better understanding, if possible, as to a head to head comparison between the two. They will both be used in a home in the event of a power failure to handle a 92 watt air purifier, a refrigerator, a TV and accessories, perhaps a desktop computer and some small electronics, phones etc. No window AC units or heaters, or any real heating device, ie a microwave. I know that the EB240 is rated at 1000 and the AC200P is rated at 2400, but I don’t really know what they means in terms of what each unit is capable or not capable of handling or doing. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

The AC200P can accept 700w of solar and the EB240 500w, so if you plan on getting another panel the 200 would charge much quicker since the 240 takes in less watts per hour and has more capacity to fill. But the 240’s extra capacity would be nice to have!

If quick charging by AC wall outlets is a factor the 200 is the clear winner there as it can use dual chargers and take in at least 900 watts per hour verses the 500w of the 240’s. For me that was important as I would most likely be charging by generator during a power outage up here in the soggy Pacific Northwest (lack of sun).

We don’t know which model might have issues down the road so maybe it makes sense to have one of each. That’s why I have an EB150 (and panels) coming to supplement my AC200P.

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If you are strictly looking for increased battery capacity and inverter output and charge rate are secondary, I would get a 240. If you are happy with your current AC200 then getting a second unit would not be a bad idea as well.

Well I decided to go with a second AC200P and ordered it today . Thanks for your feedback. Since I was getting them for backup power at home in the event of a power failure, perhaps I should get an RV to go with them? I might not get too much use out of them otherwise.

My units are primarily for hurricane back up. I get them out from time to time and play with them. Running the TV is a good way to use the power for discharge. But yes…buying an RV would be great to have as well.