Questions EP500 Pro/B300 exp battery & 450w solar panels

I bought an EP500 Pro & the B300 expansion battery to increase storage capacity. Question can my combo handle 3 450W solar panels that with VOC of 41.25v. I’m totally new at this whole solar thing and am absolutely clueless - so needing a fair amount of help.

Hi @Sha , Based on the individual solar panel VOC data you provided, you can connect three panels in series to charge the EP500PRO.
As for the related instructional videos (Machine operation video, solar panel connection video), you can refer to the following links to see.

Thank you for responding to my question. Can the B300 be connected to the Ep500 I’m charging it either AC or PV? Or do I need to disconnect the B300? Also if I connect the panels in parallel does that mean more panels can be connected? In advance Thank you for all your help.