Question regarding 2 inputs of aviation-to-mc4 cables

I have a question regarding the 2 inputs on the aviation-to-mc4 cables the EP500 comes with. Are they parallel inputs to allow attaching two different PV panel strings coming in on separate extension cables? I didn’t find anything about this EP500 manual.

If the aviation-to-MC4 cable has four MC4 connectors on its ends (two pairs), then it is identical to the “Multifunctional DC Charging Cable” that my AC300 has, and that allows two strings of PV panels in parallel. Each pair can handle an extension for up to 150 VDC and 12 A for my AC300. Check your EP500 manual for the maximum power rating per input.

Im having a similar problem. I have an off-grid camp and am replacing my solar setup with 2 ep500pro units. I hooked up my existing incoming PV cable and connected to the aviation cable PV connectors. Nothing. I tested the incoming power at the connection points, plenty of juice… but its not going into the unit. Panels were in full sun…6 /100w.

If the operation of the EP500 is similar to tbe AC300 then check the DC input option and verify that it is set to PV.

I was able to diagnose the problem and solved it. It was a connectivity issue.
I have another question but thats for a different forum