Question about PV current & voltage output

I have an AC300 & 4 B300 hooked up to 10 PV200s, 5 on DC1 & 5 on DC2. On a sunny day from 10:45am to 12:30pm in March, my panels are cranking out 2.2kw. Am I going to run into problems during the summer when the light is more intense? Am I going to overload the AC300?

Don’t worry, it will be fine.

As long as the panels are not outputting more voltage than the unit can handle, which I believe for the AC300 is 150V per input, nothing bad will happen. The AC300 will limit input current to what it can accept, so it will be limited to 2400W (1200W per input), even if the panels can supply more current. You however, cannot exceed 150V, as that will damage the AC300. Since the PV200 Voc is 26.1V, 5x that is only 130V, which is under the limit. You will be good.

Putting more panels (under the voltage limit) is called over paneling and is done all the time. It allows you to get more power under less than ideal sun condition.

This is how you can plug a 5W iphone charger into the wall socket which can output 1500W and it still works. Because the iphone charger will only draw 5W.

Something maybe wrong with your unit. You can not put 10x200 watts and get 2200 PV watts. Maybe you are using AC grid to get that high of wattage?

Multiply 10 x 200 = 2000 watts. The Bluetti rating isn’t exact, I don’t know if it’s theoretical or from actual measurements. The previous commenter said these panels, while rated for 24 volts, actually output 26.1 volts, so there’s an inherent variance.