Question about installing two 320W Renogy Panels for AC300 along with Bluetti 350W Portable Panels

Hi all,
A super newbie here. I have a Bluetti AC300 with two B300 batteries attached, and the Bluetti portable 350W panels. I ordered two Renogy 320W panels (total 640W) that should be arriving soon.
I am wondering about using them together. Do I need branch adapters? I’ve been searching for answers but I think I’ll find the best answers here.
Thank you!

Yes, the AC300 has two-way separate MPPTs, you can connect one to a 320W solar panel and one to a 350W solar panel.
But these two different types of solar panels cannot be connected together.

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Does that mean I can only connect one, and not the other? Or, can I connect the Renogy panels directly to the B300 Battery, and keep the Bluetti PV350 panels to the AC300? Or, just connect them both to the two MP4 Solar connectors that came with the AC300?

The PV charging cable of AC300 has two sets of MC4.
You can connect one set to a 320W solar panel and the other set to a 350W solar panel, but these two different types of solar panels cannot be connected in series.

So I can set up the Renogy roof panels in Parallel to the second MPPT, with the Portable 350W Bluetti Portable panels on the other set of connectors, and that would be okay?

Yes you can do that :)

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