PV350 What, no tie downs?

Getting ready to place an order for the PV 350 and was reviewing the specs one last time. All looked great except I noticed, or more the problem, didn’t notice any tie/stake down loops or grommets. Am I just not seeing them? There are few places I go that don’t have any wind. I know these are bigger and therefore heavier than most portable panels but if they can’t be staked or tied down, then they probably are going to be a problem for most of us. Can anyone answer my question? Thanks in advanced

@thadl Welcome to the forum! No, the pv350 panels do not have any grommets. I got one when they first were released and I dont believe they have updated these ones to include them either. But like you mentioned, they are pretty heavy and I have found that they are sturdy enough where I havent had any issues with them falling over due to wind up here in Michigan. I have seen people hanging them from the handle, or you could use something to lay down across the kickstand adjustments on the back, to keep them more affixed if you were worried about them blowing over?

I’d think michigan would be just as bad as Oklahoma but…I’ve always staked down my panels and tie them off to things in windy conditions.

If I park my van in the shade I’d usually put the panels out in the open where there’s little shade and straight winds. I’m disappointed the PV350 doesn’t have the loops/grommets.

On another subject, the AC500 I bought 2/6/23, just went on sale for about $500 less than what I paid. How does your price match work? I need a refund.

Thad Leonard

@thadl Based on price matching issues, please provide relevant screenshots and your order details to our Order Support Department at Service@bluettipower.com and they will assist you.

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@thadl Yea the grommets can be useful for sure, but at the same time, that would’ve also added to the size and weight of the product even more so? And its already a pretty big beast! haha Have you thought about maybe making something like this for your ground arrays?? PVC pipe construction, and then panels (of any size) can be strapped up with some bungee cords, and then the pvc could be ground staked into the ground…


And as for the price match/refund.. It's awesome that they offer that, but I personally havent gone thru the process. I would assume you'll have to email screenshots and order details over to service@bluettipower.com and they could assist you further.


@thadl haha just saw that @BLUETTI responded right before me. Yea they’ll be able to assist you further with all that.

Sorry to be contrary - BUT, I have two operational now and had two which were returned (quit working) and all four have grommets at each corner. If you mean grommets all around, then no they don’t - just the corners. Hope this helps! Enjoy the sunny days!:grin:

@DuAlac22 You have pv350 panels that include grommets on them??? Are you sure you’re not referring to the pv420 panels or the smaller pv200 ones?? I have not seen anyone receive the pv350 panels with grommets, so if you do… please upload some pictures of them!! That would be incredible. :slight_smile:

Sorry. I was confused for a moment, as I have SP350’s not PV350’s. And the SP305’s have grommet holes on each corner. Pictures if you need them but there isn’t any identifiable markings as to being SP350 if I show where the grommet holes are!:disappointed:

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@DuAlac22 Ahh!! haha yea those are the sp350 panels, and im jealous of those grommets! haha They did JUST release some new ms320 panels that do include grommets also!

I havent got to play with those yet, so cant provide any real-world experience tho.

Really wish they had added the grommets to the pv350 but I’m glad that they are incorporating them into the “newer” releases such as this ms320 and the pv420 panels!!

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