PV200 Panel Series + parallel connect to AC200max

Scott this will be my last post on this community. I just spent quite a bit of time researching what you said and it is total BS! Talk about spreading misinformation. 12V, 48V or 240V when comes to LifePO4 batteries or for the plain fact any type of battery does not change the properties of rate charge in regards to Amps, Volts and Watts. I would post much of the articles I just researched to back up what I claimed before and now, but I’m sure you would delete it claiming it is false misinformation.

I suppose it is just not possible to make all the people happy all the time. There are none as blind as those who will not see.

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Hey gpatz, give some more time here before writing this community off. What Scott and Snowstorm have been saying is accurate, there’s nothing stated that is BS. My feeling is that you have certain assumptions due to your experience with the RV setup you have, and it seems that is what is interfering with what is being said about these solar generators.

Absolutely the wattage represents the power going into the system for charging and operating loads. As you noted these units don’t show the current going in, but, for example, my AC300 does show the wattage and the voltage, so the current can be determined by dividing the wattage by the voltage. However, with solar panels both voltage and current fluctuate, so the wattage is a more meaningful number to watch. When it comes to your RV system you can actually monitor the output of your solar charger, and it will give that information in amps (and the charging voltage also). These units don’t show that information since it is all one package deal, and the charging voltage really doesn’t matter to the end-user.

By all means we can discuss this further until you understand what the differences are between these packaged systems, and the DIY built systems as far as the information you’re seeing.

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