PV200 not going over 90watts

I have a EB70 using the PV200 with it. This morning I was getting I 130 watts from it. This afternoon I cant get more then 90watts. I have the PV200 aimed right (made a little sight) the day is bright sun 97° no shadows other than the ones I make. The only other things I can think to mention is the EB 70 is always in the shade while I’m charging. The solar panel is putting out 22.1volts.

Anyone got any ideas for me?

Hi @Bert , welcome to BLUETTI community :blush:
In view of this situation, we suggest you first follow the following steps to see if you can fix it.

  1. Keep the solar panel clean (any dust or dirt will affect it)
  2. Let the sun shine directly on the solar panel
  3. Set the EB70 to PV charging mode.
  4. If all the above methods have been tried and the charging power is not improved, please take a video and send it to our support department via service@bluettipower.com. Thank you very much for your cooperation

I have never heard of Setting the EB70 to PV charging mode. Please tell me more.

Sorry my solar panel is the SP200 not the PV200

Hi @Bert , I am very sorry for the miscommunication of information.
Just confirmed with the technical department: EB70 has no screen setting function, plug it into PV and it automatically can be charged.
Have you tried the first and second points in addition to the third suggestion?

I keep it very clean, and I take time to aim it at the sun. Adjusting it as the sun moves.

Hi @Bert , thanks for your feedback.
In view of your previous statement that the morning reached 130W, indicating that the morning sunlight is sufficient.
But in the afternoon charging power is not more than 90W, because the solar panel will vary the power with the solar energy. This is normal.
It can exceed 90W in the morning when charging with the solar panel, right?

One more question needs to be confirmed: what is the length of your connection cable? Generally the longer the length the more loss will be. Thank you.

The cord is the stock cord that came with the SP200. (what is that 9ft) FYI afternoon I mean like 2pm (not like it was a setting sun) The sun was still high in the sky with a straight shot to the panel. No clouds no shadows. The sun does not get much brighter then that. So I dont understand why it would be less. Not trying to sound defensive or confrontational just trying to learn.