PV200 not charging AC300 on 24V

Hi all. New AC300 owner and first time poster.

I’m having a little trouble charging with PV in the morning. I tested the panels open circuit and they read a steady 24V.

When I read voltage on AC300 it’s a little higher like 24.6V (which is about the 12V minimum I believe to start charging). But the power is mostly reading 0Watts and then occasionally jumps up the 40, 50, 60 watts, then back to 0W.

I also own a EB70S. That’s got the same 12V minimum but not experiencing 0Watts on that one. It reads pretty steadily charging at 41-46W.

Yesterday I was charging the same panel in the afternoon and it was not dropping out like it is this morning at 10am.

I’ve selected ‘PV’ (not ‘Other’) on the AC300 for the correct DC input (‘DC1’).

Eventually I plan on increasing my array to 1200W per input so I’m guessing this problem will go away once I do that. ie supply more voltage in series. This bad boy is obviously built for higher voltage inputs. If that’s the case then it would be nice to see the voltage requirements listed as 25V(eg)-150V rather than 12V.

Or maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about lol. I’m not an expert but have been doing a lot of reading in the last year or so. Or maybe there is something wrong with the unit I received.

What do you all think?

@bnokes01 Do you mean that if you only use one PV200 to charge AC300, the charging power will be unstable? If yes, we can push a firmware for you to test. Please provide me with your SN and the firmware version of AC300.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I’m charging with one single PV200 until I am able to buy more in the next month.


Serial Number

@bnokes01 Thanks for your support. Is your AC300 American or European version?

It’s the American one

@bnokes01 Thank you for the information. I will push the firmware for you.