PV200 charging an EB200?

Can a single PV200 charge an EB200 by it’s self. I purchased a PV200 and when I plugged it in, it showed voltage of 24 but no watts so I hooked up another 200 watt panel (Non Bluetti) in series with the PV200 and started getting 150 watts. so then I unhooked the PV200 and the single 200w panel was showing the same as the single PV200 at 24 volts zero watts. I guess my question is. What am I missing here. I want to use the PV200 only for camping and then at home I have 2 200w fixed panels I use. any suggestions are welcomed.

If the EB200 is the same as the AC200P which I think it is then it needs at least 35 volts through the PV input. One 200w panel is around 20 operating volts so that makes sense that two will work but one won’t.

Thanks Eric102. That is kind of what I thought. I might have to get another PV200 asap because the prices have gone up a bunch in the last 2 months.

You could get the DO50S charging enhancer which raises the input voltage to an output voltage of 58.5 volts and would allow single panel charging when connected to the charging brick input port. But…the charging will be slow with a single panel and you would probably be happier with more than one panel.

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