PV Volts but no amps

My AC200P Reads on the input for PV about 70 Volts give or take 5, and 0 amps. I have 3 panals wired in series, I tried switching the polarity, which gave me 0 volts. I tried just hooking directly to one panal, which gave me 20 -30 volts, yet still I get no amps.

I am using some 10 guage and some 8 guage wires, with solar junction box hooked up to eyelet terminals to MC4 connectors to the MC4 reciver that came with the bluetti. The set up is very simple I cannot think of what im doing wrong…

My first thought is that your AC200 is too cold for charging to begin. Second thought…is your AC200P already charged and at 100%? Thirdly…do you have good sun? No shadows and panels pointed at sun and not a cloudy day? And lastly, even though you state above the input for PV is about 70 volts…are you absolutely sure you have selected PV and are not in the CAR mode?

Ahhhhhh Thank you! I think this is my problem exactly, it was set to car charge mode by default! Stoked, I will try this out when I get some sun thanks again

That sounds like the problem. Glad to help.

Is there a certain place to go to ensure the AC200P is in PV mode instead of car charge mode? When I view the home screen, it shows the two together on the left side of the screen. There are no moving dots. The unit is not accepting solar charge and shows 50 volts incoming and 0 amps - no charge.

Martha, from the main screen select ‘settings’ then from the next screen you should see DC input source which is where you choose either PV or car.

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