PV Volts but amps fall to 0 in about 30 minutes

My AC200P is not charging properly from PV. When I plug in the cable it starts working as expected. I am actually using a 72v battery as the source so I know it is getting plenty of power but the amperage starts dropping almost immediately and after 30 minutes or so will drop to 0 Amps even though it is still at about 80 volts

It is set to PV and the temperature is at 29C. I just ordered the DC7909(F) To XT90(M) Cable so I can see if the power supply will work properly on the PV side. Does anyone have any ideas?

This is what I get when I first plug in the PV

It looks like your battery BMS is conflicting with the on board charge controller

assuming that you are in PV mode in both pics which is what you should be in
Any charging over over35 volts needs to have PV selected

Yes, PV is selected on both photos. Any idea how to stop the interference?

Not really. Is your battery capacity simply being exhausted in your battery you are charging from since it was charging at a high rate for 30 minutes or so? That would give you approx. 350 watts of input. What is the watt hour capacity of the battery you were charging with and was it fully charged at the time you took the screen pics?

Thanks for the input. It’s a 4kwh battery with plenty of juice left. If I find something, I will post if I find anything.