PV Voltage Regulator for AC240

Any news about the PV Voltage Regulator/Reducer that solves the 60V issue with the AC240 and drops a 150V solar array to 60V?

This PV Voltage Regulator accessory has been returned for redefinition and upgrade. The upgrade is likely to support more models. After production, it still needs to be certified, and it is unlikely to be launched online within this year.

Thank you for the information. If I had known that it would take so long, I would have bought a second AC200PL instead. The 60V cut off is a real issue if you use mainly solar charging. But it is as it is.

So if I understand correctly, at the moment there is no supported way to connect panels in any configuration that exceeds the 60v limit? The step down module will not be available for another year? That would’ve been important information to know before I bought…

This device only makes sense if you really need IP65 protection, mainly for outdoor activities. For in-house usage and high capacity I would take the AC300/500 or the AC200L/PL.

There are some other issues with the AC240. The inverter noise in idle mode (AC=on) is annoying, where the AC200PL is really silent. Overall the AC240 is noisier than the AC200 PL. Charge and recharge at the same time and 2400W load doesn’t work. Parallel port is useless at least in Europe.

Maybe it would be easier if Bluetti would change the inverter than developing a PV Voltage Regulator even if the AC240 would be 2-3 lbs heavier.

Anyway I have found a use case for my AC240 and I’m very happy with my other devices (AC300, AC200PL, AC200max, AC2P).