PV Undervoltage - Device Failure Error (EB3A)

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EB3A Firmware : ARM 2057.09 / DSP 2056.10

I have an EB3A and PV200 panel. The EB3A charges without issue when connected directly to the panel. However if I introduce a 10AWG 50 foot extension cable the EB3A throws the PV Undervoltage error.

Without the extension I’m getting 22.58 v to 21.97 v from the panel and it charges at 147 W, depending on the sun exposure.

With the extension connected I’m measuring between 19.7 v and 22.9 v, however the unit does not charge.

Looking at the phone app, the EB3A is recognizing that solar has been connected and a few seconds later throws the error.

If I remove the extension and plug directly back into the solar panel, the unit begins to charge. The error code clears itself.

What causes a PV Undervoltage error, the voltage looks fine as the EB3A requires input of 12 to 28 V / 8.5 A



Seems like your issue might be related to what @Jayling posted here: Solar Input No Longer Working on EB3A with .09 & .10 Firmware. Try his fix to see if you can ‘reset’ the PV Undervoltage error.


I have a new Rich Solar 50 foot extension cord which is 10AWG, so I just went out and tested it to see if I had the same problem as you on the EB3A, but it charged right up with no errors. Drew in 99w at peak on the BougeRV 130w suitcase panel. I sure hope all is well with yours.

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@bxm6306 could be, however no issues charging with solar without the extensions.

@Jayling, what version of firmware are you on? I just updated to the latest prior to testing.

Returned the cables to amazon this afternoon, will look for something different.

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I’m on the same version as you, .09 & .10.

I ordered the thicker 10AWG for the 50 foot run to help with less loss, but that test was the first I used them. I like using the thinner Renogy 12AWG 20 foot ones, and attached 2 of them together for a 40 foot run, and still was able to get a peak of 98w earlier today. I might get another 20 foot of the Renogy cable for 60 feet to see how that goes. Good luck to you. :slight_smile:

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@Jayling are the Renogy 12 AWG softer and flexible? The WindyNation 10 AWG were very stiff.

The Renogy is much softer and flexible than the Rich Solar 10AWG one. Here’s a link to the ones I bought https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XLHRC44?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details

Sounds like your connection from the extension cable MC4 connectors are not making good contact. Unplug each and firmly reconnect and your issue will prob. be gone.

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Hi @3LfW2E3QW3 , Yes, we suggest you try what @Scott-Benson said first, plug both ends in firmly and then see if it reports an error.