PV no longer working

My new AC200max stopped accepting a PV charge. It was working and then I noticed an update and tried running it, I received “Timeout” message and now

I can’t get it to take solar input. I validated I have voltage at the plug and its setting around 115 voltage which is within spec, photos attached. Can anyone help? I have barely had it a month.

Can you check input mode to make sure it is still set to PV mode? It is possible that the update changes it to car mode or something.

It is set to PV, I also set it to Car, restarted it and then set it to PV and restarted it again.

Also I should note its at 100 because I charged to from the brick just in case we have a power outage tonight

Hi @dvrtech,

Sorry for the problem.
Is it normal when it was charged with AC charging and car charging? If these two charging ways are normal, it may be the problem of the MC4 to XT90 or XT90 to aviation plug.

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Yes it’s charging with the AC plug. I haven’t tried charging with DC yet but I suppose I could take it out to the car and give it a go.

I did confirm there is voltage coming into the plug from the solar panels.

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@dvrtech Yea I’d try the car charging method with the correct setting applied and see what happens. If that doesn’t work, I’d assume it’s your aviation input port and you’d need to contact service.

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It was a good thought but I guess it’s the port. I emailed them with no response so I’ll call in tomorrow

Hi there,
Did you get the response from our customers service. If not yet, please provide your email address.

I did not and I have emailed from two different email accounts without a response and left a voicemail

I don’t see a way to pm on here so here is my email david@dvrtech.us