PV Mode in AC300

AC300 in PV Mode

Unfortunately, the manual doesn’t explain in much detail. The video tutorial presents information that conflicts with what is on the display screen.

If I set the AC300 to PV mode, will that allow me to power an appliance until the battery drops to my specified percentage? And then, will it keep my appliance operating but being powered by grid and/or solar panels until the battery level goes above the specified percentage?

I’m open to ideas. Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish: Ideally, my mini-split air conditioner would operate from solar power to reduce my electric bill, but it’s OK for it to operate from grid power when needed. I also don’t want my battery level to drop too low so that I still have some in reserve in case of power outage.

Thanks, y’all.

Yeah, in PV mode you basically set the minimum % you want the AC300 to drop to before it starts charging from the grid and maintaining at that %. The unit will keep it charging from the grid and not go above that %. That means you’ll wake up in the morning, the unit will be at that % you set, the sun comes out and you’ll go back to 100% by EOD.

Hi @LoneStarChristian,

Yes, it will power your appliance.
If the your current is lower than your specified percentage you’ve set, then it will begin to charge your unit with grid and solar power. The solar will power your unit no matter which mode the unit is set into.

Thanks for the replies so far. At what point will the unit resume using battery power–once the battery reaches 100% or when the battery is above the low value that I specified?

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Hi, Did you ever get a reply to this?

I have an AC300 and would prefer to use PV Priority. I set a low SOC at 15% and the unit didn’t switch over. Not sure if it has to drop under the SOC before the grid kicks in

My main issue is when it is charged to 100% via PV it starts charging from the grid to stay topped up I assume

Working around these issues manually at the moment and loathe to update the firmware unless I am sure that will fix it