Pv generated by B300/AC300

Hi I usually discharge my B300 /AC300 to about 30 -35 % but when I charge it by solar to %100 the app shows I have only generated 1.1 of kwh of pv this in my opinion is only half of the correct pv generated any one had similar issues or an idea of what is going on .

Hi @Alloby , The PV will stop charging when it reaches 100%. PV has continuous input only when the battery is not yet at 100%. Please don’t worry.

Hi thanks for reply but what I meant is when I am connected to the Bluetti app and I am charging up the battery with solar although I charge battery from say %30 to full %100 that is about %70 of battery capacity which is at least 2kwh the app says I have generated 1.1kwh.

I know this is an old post, but I have noticed that the “Kwh generated” feature in the app doesn’t tell you what the PV array generates. The closest I can tell, based on observing my system (AC300 with 2 B300 batteries), what it calculates is the amount the batteries charge up. Lets say overnight my batteries are drained down to 60% then during the day the batteries charge back up to 100%. You can roughly say that 40% = 2.4kwh. So it will think that my PV system has generated 2.4kwh, where in fact it has generated that plus any usage during the day. Depending on how much you consume from the batteries during that charge-up time, the actual number could be two or three times as much generation (totally depends on your consumption). Just my observance.