Pv feed for two AC200Max

Can somebody tell me if it is possible to charge two AC200Max off the same pv feed?
At the moment I run them separately one with an array of 460W and the other with an array of 680W. Since I also have the D050S can that be used in this setting?

are your arrays the same voltage, or can you set them up to be a single array? some would say that the two mppt units in the individual ac200 units will fight each other to set the power point, but I don’t think it would matter much. you could split the input wires with an mc4 splitter and run one pair to each unit. in my opinion it would work but I have not tried this exactly. I have a large enough single array to over power a single mppt unit in a single ac300, so I split the input into 2 and power both of the mppt units in a single ac300 to get close to 2400w input

Not exactly same no. There are two 230W with 34/maxV and four 170W at 24/maxV . Initially when I had only one AC200Max, I wired 2x230 in series and 3x170 in series to get the voltages closer and run them in parallel to give me around 70V with a max wattage recorded of 920W. Happy with that but a couple of months ago I purchased another Max200 with a free enhancer offer so I split the combined array into two distinct circuits as same voltage arrays utilising all 4 170 panels. My thoughts are that by using enhancer I can combine both arrays efficiently into one of 680+460 via enhancer and then feeding to both Max units. As I write I think I am getting my own negative reply… :worried: Thinking cap back on I think.

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