PV charging is lower than expected

Connected (in series) 2 x 200W BougeRV solar panels to my AC200P. Clear sky, lots of sun, expected at least 350W charging of Bluetti; max charging reported by Bluetti (over an hour) was only 260W. How should I ‘debug’ this issue? (don’t have any other panels, don’t have another Bluetti) Thanks.

If not done yet I would start at each panel to verify I was getting the volts and amps as per the panel specs.

350 watts out of 400 watt rated panels is not realistic in most conditions. Panel output is heavily dependant on proper angle and proper rotation towards the sun with absolutely no shading of any part of any panel alsong with perfect sun conditions at the perfect time of day. Unfortunately all those things combining at the same time rarely happen. In excellent sun conditions I would expect around 300 watts on a great day.

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Was charging my EB70 with a Sunpower cell Bluetti SP200 watt panel today and the best it would do was 140 watts mid day and lowest 125 watts around 5:30 PM. Not ideal conditions as it hit 100 degrees which is very rare up here in the Pacific Northwest, in cooler weather I would expect a little more. So 130 watts out of a BougeRV panel seems decent to me.

Yes, thanks, I looked at the connectors and it does look like I can get my multi-meter probes on both. I’ll measure the V and amps for both panels, and hopefully both panels will report the same.

Today I was testing my AC200P and EB150 with 2 Bluetti SP200 panels and was surprised to see that the AC200 was showing about 25 watts less incoming than the EB150. As an example at 10 in the morning the EB150 would show 284 watts, I would then unplug the solar cable and move it over to the AC200 and let it settle for a minute or so and it would read 260 watts. Throughout the day it was a pretty consistent 25 watts difference between the 150 and 200 no matter what the incoming wattage was.

Don’t know which one is closer to the truth but from what I’ve seen with my AC200’s other display info being suspect I’d bet on the EB150 being more accurate.

So ddhart may be getting more wattage out of the BougeRV panels than the AC200 is telling him.

The voltage would have been closer to the upper limit of the EB150/240 series and perhaps the charge controllers are more efficient towards their upper range of voltage. Just a guess.

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