PV Cables wiring issue

Anyone else run into incorrectly wired PV cables?

For both my AC200Max and AC300 I got badly/incorrectly made cables. (pretty sure they are wrong).

AC200Max cable is marked PV- and the MC4 is stamped with +

AC300 All 4 wires are marked wrong.
– Example: DC1 PV - and the MC4 is stamped with +. DC1 PV+ and the MC4 is stamped with -

I have submitted the issue with the AC300, along with photo to service@bluetti.com
Rob B

The gender is the inner metal contact, not the outer plastic housing. Pay no attention to the + or - on the plastic housing. Every MC4 connection will have the same two black plastic connection housings since each wire will have a male and a female piece which it mates to. You cables are not wrong unless you are getting the incorrect polarity at the end of the cable that physically connects to your Bluetti.