PV Cable AWG - EP500 Pro

I have (2) EP500 Pro’s fused and currently connected to a 30amp outlet with the proprietary Fusion cord. Now I am designing a solar string array to charge them as an alternative to the grid. I’m a complete novice to solar, but there is plenty of guidance through my dear friends at Google!? My thoughts to make the most efficient Voltage/Wattage charging is to use combiner boxes with array strings in series parallel combinations to reach optimum levels. I have learned that amperage and distance to the arrays requires adequate AWG requirements for the runs, and had settled on 10 awg on the panel string runs to the combiner boxes, and 8 awg from the combiner to the EP500 units. To my surprise, the proprietary MC4 to Bluetti PV port cable is only 14 awg??? Could someone with greater knowledge than mine, help me wrap my brain around this, as to how to accomplish this safely and efficiently?

The resistance value of the wire is related to the cross-sectional area and length. Our PV wire is relatively short and has been tested for heat generation, no problem. And the machine will limit the current, kindly do not worry.