PV-200 Handle Fell Apart During Unboxing

Ordered a EB70S / PV200 combo from Amazon stating it was sold by Bluetti. Didn’t unbox the PV200 for a couple day and when I did the handle was not attached, appears the screws pulled out of the other side of the handle. I wanted to test the panel before starting a return / repair process but due to family and weather I wasn’t able to test right away. OK, hooked the panel up to the EB70S and it’s charging. I believe I can come up with a repair that will be more secure than what was shipped. Please redesign the handle attachment.

Interesting, I wonder if they had a batch that all got damaged! I had exactly the same issue, with the same bundle last week (see the thread “PV-200 Handle Design”). They replaced the panels for me no trouble at all, and the new set that came in was just fine. Save your packaging and get 'em boxed up again, they’ll get you an RMA in just a couple hours if my experience was typical.

Hi @ozzyatfrbrich , We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Do you accept that we send you a replacement set of handles?

Yes please and thanks!

Hi @ozzyatfrbrich , Thanks for your reply.
Could you please send us a screenshot of your order, your order number and your receiving information (recipient, address, phone number) via message. This way we can better feedback with the support department. Thank you in advance.

I had the same issue the other day (25th Mar 2023’) when I received it from the Australian Bluetti distributor & unboxed it, I was quite disappointed considering the cost of the whole package, EB70 + PV200 ($1600.00) approx.

I’ve had to use strong “T-Rex Gaffa Tape” to hold it all together as I needed to use the unit over the next few days for camping.

Bluetti needs to address this issue ASAP !!!

I bought my unit last year and because of places I’ve camped, have not needed the solar panels until today (getting ready for a camping trip in the mountains). My handles broke apart immediately. (And yes, they were boxed up for a year.) Panels worked😊. The only issue is the handles. There must have been a flaw last year. Bluetti, can you help me out? I’ll use tape for this week. Thanks.

@Janb Please provide your order-related information, our @BLUETTI_CARE team will assist you in handling after-sales.