Push power button: double shutdown procedure?

Here is my observation in the power off of the Bluetti ac300/b300.
Ininitial situation: the Bluetti ac300/b300 is of grid.
Than I only can power off the machine in pressing the power button about 10 sec. Than I can observe, that the insight the button glowing ledbulb disappears slowly and than a few second later the glowing of the led bulb comes back again to disappear than compleatly

What is the meaning of this behavior of the glowing led bulb.
Have you also observed this behavior?
What can you observe if you press the power shutdown button in your Bluetti app?

Do you mean that the AC300 power supply is abnormal after carrying a light bulb?
If so, could you please share us relavant operating video? Thank you!

Thanks, Bluetti Admin, for your question to my obervervation, if I press the power button in the power down procedure!

No, this is only an observation of mine. But what does it mean, this is my question?
Does it mean that there is double “software” occured shutdown?
And if this ist, why is there a double software shutdown procedure?

Thank you for understanding my ambiguous questions.