Pure Sine Wave AC required?

Hi all,

I have a truck that has a 120vac outlet built in the bed, but the output power is not Pure Sine Wave AC output as it is in regular AC outlets in homes.

My question is, do Bluetti Portable Power Stations require a Pure Sine Wave AC signal from an AC outlet to charge properly or prevent electronic component damage?


The AC brick itself will pretty much protect your Bluetti from damage. However you might experience trouble powering the brick with dirty power. It might not function at all, or it might make odd noises. Run hotter. And it will most likely shorten the life of the AC brick. I wouldn’t want to do it myself, except in an extreme emergency when I had no other options.

I agree with Mark. You should be fine but as Mark mentions, if you notice the AC charging brick running hotter that normal, I would not use it as it may be damaging the charging brick.

Thanks Mark and Scott, I appreciate your input. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the brick temp if I do go that route.

Can you charge your Bluetti from the 12 VDC instead of the AC outlet?