Purchased EB150 but I am missing 1*PV Solar Charging Cable(DC7909 To MC4)


I purchased 1 EB150 and 2 PV200 solar panels through Amazon. The quality is outstanding, but unfortunately, when I was putting it all together to test it I could not find the PV Solar Charging Cable(DC7909 To MC4) cable.
I have an EB150 and two PV200’s and if I had a power outage I could not charge this system. :worried: :frowning_face:
How can I get this cable ASAP? I don’t see it as an item I can purchase of the Bluetti website.

Most sincerely.

P.S. I have already sent an email to service@bluetti.com, not trying to confuse anyone, just trying to get this matter addressed asap. Thanks again.

Just got off the phone with Customer Service: +1 833-988-3663 and was told to contact sales@bluettipower,com to get the missing cable.

If you have difficulty getting the required MC4 to 7.9mm solar cable in the time frame you need it, you can purchase one on Amazon and have it by Wednesday. When your Bluetti cable comes in you would then have a spare. Not the ideal solution, but a quick, easy solution.


Hey Scott-Benson,

Seasons greetings.

I was under the impression I needed the OEM MC4 solar charging cable. Very pleased to learn I can use this cable as well. I will purchase it regardless to have a spare, since this part seems so important.

Thanks again, from a very appreciative customer.

Hi @11B3Y,

May I know where you live? We can send you a new cable. Please also provide your email address. Thank you.

I spoke with Victor victorc@bluetti.com and within an hour he sent me the tracking number for a replacement he is having sent out. I posted my issue on the Bluetti Forum and Facebook Page, as well as sent an email to sale@bluetti.com. I am very grateful for your quick responses.

I will follow up with you when I receive the MC4 cable. Happy holidays to you and everyone at Bluetti.

Most sincerely,