Protect from water spills and humidity

I keep my ac200p and EB70 stored in my closet. I take them out every few months to drain them and charge them back up. I use them only for power outages. I’d like to start using them daily, though, with mounted panels instead of portable ones.

The EB70 could be useful for charging devices (cell phones, tablets). I’d need to keep it somewhere convenient for those purposes, but would risk water getting spilled on it if it’s on a side table or something. Is there anything I can put it in to protect it but that will still allow it to be functional?

For the AC200p, I was thinking I could use it to power my instant pot and induction hot plate for outdoor cooking. I’m in south florida and like to do some cooking outdoors to avoid adding additional heat to my house. But I wouldn’t want to lug the ac200p out every time it is time to cook. As far as I can tell, though, I can’t store it outside because humidity will be an issue. Is there any type of container I can put it in to enable outdoor storage?

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Even in a container, air humidity is still an issue. You have a humid subtropical climate and air humidity can easily reach 100%. Consider keeping the Bluetti indoors and run an extension cable to the place you need power for outdoor cooking.

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Okay, thank you. Maybe I’ll find a spot for it next to my sliding glass door and carry it out when needed.

What about water spills? I’m thinking I can put it in some type of cabinet and drill holes to run cables through. But I want to make sure I have enough airflow around the unit.

Make sure the ventilation openings in your solar power station are unrestricted when it is in use. Bluetti also sells a cart you can use to move it in and out of your house if the place you need power is too far from your home for an extension cord.

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@theveggieprofessor I have seen users just place their units in a plastic tubberware bins to protect them from the ground/early morning dew, just make sure that you leave some room around the sides for the fans to get proper airflow. I believe 2-4 inches on each side will suffice.