Programmable ACon feature for AC200Max

Hello together, as I want to use the AC inverter only during the night it would be great if the inverter can be programmed according to time or it may also makes sense to switch it on depending on Batterie SOC and PV input.

Hopefully this feature can be added in the next SW release.

Thanks a lot!

The AC200Max itself doesn’t have support for this feature (yet, Bluetti? hint hint).

In the meanwhile you could accompany it with a Raspberry Pi that keeps connected via Bluetooth. With some not-so-difficult Python programming you could achieve your goal. I’m enthusiastic about this setup because I use it to monitor the AC200Max and to bridge it to MQTT to disclose the information (and control) to many available MQTT clients.

I recommended the wonderful Bluetti MQTT on Github by Warhammerkid package! Lots of kudos to @Chromedshark for his splendid open source initiative.


Hi @stoal3008 , suggestions received.

We will submit it to the product’s firmware update engineer to see if it can be upgraded.

Thanks again for your sincere analysis and suggestions.