Problems with new AC180P

When I bought I had two problems with my Bluetti. First one that is it doesn’t work in UPS mode when unplug from grid and second one with a display which looks like it corrupted and displaying random indicators and dashes. In the app all work fine but i cant read the display and there are no errors or some useful information in the app. I’ve asked for a latest update 2088.4 DSP in other topic version and it fixed a problem with unplug. Is there any solution for the display, maybe an another update?
Maybe it’s relates. The problem with display started after i disable autosleed

ARM 2089.02
DSP 2088.04(bought with 2088.02)
BSP 1039.01

@Wal.po I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact after-sale support for repair.

Hi @Wal.po, we wonder if the problem is resolved, if you need help, please provide the order number to us via message. Then we will apply for further service for you.

Unfortunately I can’t send it to the service soon because it’s a primary power source in my house that why I hoped for a software solution with update not for a hardware