Problem with EB70

Have used the EB70 for three nights to try and run my CPAP, two of the nights the EB70 shut off in the middle of the night. When it shuts down, I cannot restart it without plugging it into the ac charger (goes completely dead, none of the inputs work). The CPAP is drawing about 35-40 watts through the manufacturers DC adapter. The battery life, after it shut down, on the first night was 80%, the second night 80% (started with a full charge).

If this unit is unable to maintain itself overnight, it is not usable for me. Any ideas?

look up eco mode in the manual and see if you have that set to on. It is turned on or off depending on a button push sequence on the front panel.

Will look it up, thanks for the reply.

Checked the settings, it was not in ECO mode when the issues arose. I’ve sent a message to Bluetti, guess I’ll wait to hear back.

With a 35 to 40 watt DC load you should be able to run your CPAP for approx. 15 hours at the low end. The strange thing is that the unit is acting like the battery is dead but is displaying 80%. When you charge the unit, does the % of charge gauge cycle up and down during the charging process as it should and when fully charged, does the gauge show fully charged? Also, while charging, how many watts are being displayed on the input watt?

Yes, only shows a 20% loss in the one night I was able to get without it shutting down. The two nights that it acts dead, no inputs work, screen is black until I plug it into the AC charger. When I do plug it in, it charges fine all the way up to 100%, I don’t remember the input watts going in but I’ll check it and get back to you. I’ve charged it fully twice on the occasions when it died overnight. I did not run it last night because of the obvious issues. I believe there is something wrong with the unit.

The % cycles up while charging and shows fully charged.

You should be seeing between 190 and 195 incoming charging watts when connected to the AC power brick assuming the EB70 is not almost fully charged.

That sounds right, I’ll take a look.

OK, tried again when I got home, plugged into a floor fan drawing about 70 watts, within three hours the EB70 went dead. Same thing, input buttons non-functioning, screen black. I plugged it into the AC charger and the screen comes back on and shows a battery life of 80% and starts charging at 189 watts input.

Def. sounds like a problem with the battery. The battery gauge should have been around 65% after the 70 watt load for three hours. Sounds like the battery has a fault.

Indeed, I have messaged Bluetti via email and through the site. Waiting to hear back. Thanks a lot for your replies and advice. This is my first power station, hope they can make it right.

What is the usual response time for emails to service ? Sent emails three days ago . Nothing in response…

About a day or so. Time change is about 12 hour difference too.

Is this the e-mail address you are sending to: ??

Yes, thanks. I heard from them and we are emailing back and forth to try and resolve.

Here is a link to a short video I did showing the issue. Ran it 3.5 hours at 35-40 watt load, EB70 died, plugged in AC charger and it shows 80% charge then starts charging at 189 watts input.

My bets are on a bad battery unit or bad BMS module.

Just asking how thing turned out for you. Mine is doing the same.